Stone Blue Productions Inc (Updated 8.20.2014)

Stone Blue Airlines is an online store owned & operated by Stone Blue Productions Inc. Under the laws of the state of Virginia, USA. ("Stone Blue Airlines") may update or change the below terms, conditions, policies, & notices at any time & without notice.

#1 FPV Rules & Regulations

The use and operation of FPV radio equipment (such as UHF long range systems or video transmission equipment) in the USA and many other countries may require a license and some countries may forbid its use entirely. In the USA, you will need a "HAM" amateur radio license. It is your responsibility to ensure that the use of products you purchase from SBA meet the requirements imposed by your government's rules and regulations for RF devices. Do not purchase products from SBA if you are unsure of your governments requirements or are not able to comply with them. SBA cannot be held responsible for your actions under any circumstance, including but not limited to if you use products purchased from SBA in violation of your government's regulations. Be responsible have fun and enjoy FPV.

#2 Warning Notice

You acknowledge that you fully understand the inherent danger involved when operating RC models. Spinning propellers can cause severe injury. Never work on your models with mounted propellers.

#3 No Warrantee / Liability

SBA provides no warranty of any kind for any of the equipment it sells or otherwise distributes and is not liable in case you cause injury to yourself and/or others or if you damage or destroy property with any of the products you purchased and/or otherwise received from SBA.

#4 Faulty Items

If an item you received from SBA has been deemed to have been faulty as determined in the sole discretion of SBA. SBA may replace the Faulty Item only. SBA is not liable for equipment that might have been lost and/or damaged as a result of the Faulty Item. For example a video transmitter dies during flight causing you to loose your airframe, SBA may replace the faulty video Tx, but not any other equipment that might have been lost and/or damaged due to the faulty video transmitter. We sell high quality products and due to the nature of this hobby and different skill levels needed to operate FPV gear safely we ask you to take your time during all setup and installs of your gear to make sure you have all items working properly.

#5 Errors in listings

SBA is not liable for any issues that may result from incorrectly published product details on our web site. We are human and make mistakes but do our best to keep that from happening.

#6 Returns

All returns must have received prior written authorization and a Returned Merchandise Authorization ("RMA") number from SBA. The RMA number must be displayed on the outside of the box and inside of the package. Items returned without RMA number will not be accepted. In most cases, SBA will allow defective merchandise to be returned for an exchange only. For merchandise that a customer wants to either return in exchange for a different item or for a refund, SBA will require the item to be in "as new" condition with all original packaging, cabling, manuals, etc. included. SBA may require a 10% re-stocking fee for returned merchandise. Customers are responsible for return shipping postage of returned items and items must be packed in a way that prevents shipping damage. No items are accepted for exchange or return after 14 days of the purchase date. "Custom Builds" can not be returned for any reason.

#7 Shipping Terms & Conditions

7.1 You accept USPS, UPS, DHL and all other mail carriers SBA offers ("Mail Carrier(s)") as reliable mail carriers and SBA’s carriers of choice.

If you select USPS mail service, SBA will send your packages with United States Postal Service ("USPS"). Depending on the type of USPS service you choose (First Class, Priority Mail, or Express Mail) the package may show receipt by the USPS, but may not show any tracking information after it was received by the USPS. Even mail service types that typically provide full tracking information to your location may sometimes not show any information beyond the USPS receiving the package. SBA has no influence or control over the internal processes of Mail Carriers or the local postal system of your country. SBA can not be held liable for any mistakes made by a Mail Carrier or your local country's postal service. SBA strongly advises against using USPS for orders going to locations outside the USA unless it is Priority Shipped. DHL or UPS are also great options if you want accurate tracking.


7.2 Lost Packages

If the tracking information for your package shows receipt by any of SBA’s mail carriers, SBA is not responsible if your package never arrives at your location. No refunds will be provided if your package is lost in the mail system either in the USA or in your destination country. Almost all packages sent by SBA reach their recipient & destination.


7.3 Mail Service Delays

Depending on your ship to address, it can take much longer than indicated for a package to reach you and independent of the mail service you chose during check-out. The delivery time frames provided are averages for most mail pieces. SBA is not responsible if a Mail Carrier or your local country's postal service delays the arrival of your package due to custom holds or other issues. SBA does not provide refunds in case your package is delayed.


7.4 Customs, Duties, & "Return to Sender" Packages

For orders shipped outside the USA, you are solely responsible for any and all import duties your local customs office may impose on your order. If a package is returned to SBA due to the Mail Carrier's inability to collect customs duties or deliver the package to your provided ship-to address, SBA will not refund shipping costs when and if the package is returned to SBA.


7.5 No Freight Forwarding Addresses 

We do not allow orders to be shipped to freight forwarding addresses. We ship internationally to almost any country in the world.


7.6 No Hotel Addresses

We do not allow orders to be shipped to hotels. Please provide a permanent street address.


7.7 PO Boxes

Shipments to PO Boxes are reviewed on a case by case basis and may be declined. To avoid your order being held for review, use your regular residential address. Paypal confirmed addresses are best.


7.8 Canceled Order & Refunds

All orders that are declined by us due to violation of any of our shipping rules are automatically voided with your method of payment and canceled.


7.9 Time to Ship

Orders placed before 12pm will usually ship same day if all items are in stock. However our normal shipping time frame is at least 1 business day from the time your order is placed until the time it is shipped. "Overnight" and other expedited forms of shipping reference the time of shipment instead of the time the order is placed.


Any questions please contact our office directly before placing an order.